COVID 19 UPDATE Following new guidelines released by the BVA on Sunday, we are introducing new measures to help with the public effort to increase social distancing and to protect the public whilst striving to maintain animal welfare.

These measures will remain in place until the government relaxes its restrictions. However, if your pet is ill and needs veterinary treatment, we will be here for you and them. PLEASE bear with the staff, they are doing everything they can under extreme circumstances. We have been receiving some abuse which is not acceptable.

1. No vaccinations of adult dogs or cats will be done during this period. If an excessive period of time elapses, we will rerun a vaccine amnesty.

2. No routine neuters will take place unless there especially high risk of pregnancy e.g. where two kittens or rabbits of opposite sexes have been acquired.

3. No routine consultations will be carried out e.g. weight clinics, claw clips, puppy socialisation.

4. Post-op checks will be advised to email a photograph of the wound.

5. Any clients that are ill or have been in contact with someone showing evidence of Covid infection must not infect the surgery. Please call for advice.

6. From Friday we will be closing the Middleton St George and Duke Street branches and will only remain open on Stanhope Road.

7. No clients will be allowed into the building. If you arrive to collect medication or for an appointment, please phone from the carpark and we will either collect your pet for examination or deliver your medication to you.

8. We will be doing some telephone triage consultations. These will be charged at £25 and payable at the time of booking. The RCVS has relaxed some of its regulations to allow us to do some prescribing. If the vet feels that your animal still needs to be examined, then the additional fee of £11 will be made.

9. For clients ordering medication, please only order the normal amount of medication so that we can ensure there is enough medication for everyone. You will be asked to pay for medication by card over the phone.

10. For clients bringing animals for examination, please ensure that your animal is adequately secured either on a safe lead or in a safe box. Your pet will be taken from you by a member of the team and brought into the surgery. The vet will have the consultation with you over the telephone.

11. We will continue to do daily drop offs of medications for anyone who is in isolation / socially distancing. Thank you all for your understanding. Please remember that we all have to do our bit to keep the community safe. Wishing you all well.