Covid-19 Update

Watch our latest video on how we are continuing to provide services during the Covid pandemic

Covid 19 October

Please see our latest Covid video.We are working very hard and consulting for longer hours as all appointments are taking longer. We have not increased our charges to cover this time. We do appreciate that for many of you who visit infrequently that this is all new.We would please ask that all clients arriving for appointments do the following. 1. Please call us when you arrive – otherwise we don't know you are waiting.2. Please turn up on time – if you are very early and have to wait, this stresses your pet out. If you are late, this can make the vet late for the rest of the day.3. Please wait in the carpark when your animal is brought in – Too many people pop to the shops or to drop the kids off leaving us literally holding their pets and unable to move on. This delays everything for everyone.4. Please have your phone number written down to hand to the vet or nurse. 5. Please answer your phone when we ring – again we lose a lot of time trying to speak to our patient's owners. 6. Payment is by card over the phone so please bring your card with you.

Posted by Stanhope Park Veterinary Hospital on Tuesday, 6 October 2020