January is “Walk Your Dog Month”!

It’s a new year – a time when many make new year’s resolutions. So what better time to get off that sofa, get moving, and don’t let those freezing winter temperatures drag you down!

Dogs need plenty of exercise throughout the year and the best way to keep them active in winter is to take them for regular walks. Even a short walk around the block on a cold day makes a big difference. So, begin this year with a pledge — better health for you and your dog!

January can be a difficult month for so many people, with the Christmas festivities a distant memory along with the miserable winter weather – January Blues can be a real problem. And with the never ending Covid pandemic and uncertainty it continues to bring, January may seem even more bleak than usual.

Walking your dog can bring benefits for both of you, which is especially important at this time of year, so our advice is to embrace it and get out with your dog!


Many of us will have indulged over Christmas, and our waistlines may be showing the effects of one too many mince pies. Regular walks with your dog can help to combat December’s Christmas indulgence without the need to hit the gym. Weight management is important for your dog too, and walks are a good way of helping to regulate their weight alongside a healthy diet.

Mental wellbeing

Getting out and about can be good for your mental wellbeing as it takes you away from the stresses of everyday life. With time to process your thoughts, the effect of your dog’s excitable happiness when they realise it’s time for walkies, and the shared camaraderie and greetings with other dog walkers will leave you feeling brighter, more enthusiastic and less anxious.

Fresh air

If you’ve been spending time indoors with windows closed and the heating on, you may have forgotten just how good it feels to get some fresh air. Breathing deeply can clear your lungs, unblock a congested nose, give you more energy and focus your mind. It’s good for lowering heart rate and blood pressure too.

Plus, being outside gives your dog chance to be a dog! Dogs love sniffing out scents and exploring; so, while it may not be the fresh air they’re breathing in, they’ll appreciate the benefits it brings. It will also aid their food digestion, and energy levels.

Technology downtime

If you’re guilty of spending a lot of time on your mobile phone, games console, or watching box sets on TV, going outside can be a welcome distraction. Take in your local area, absorb your surroundings, and enjoy living in the moment. Spend time focussing purely on your dog; run around the park with them or take a ball to play fetch. They’ll appreciate your attention. Your tech will still be there when you get back.

Now grab that lead, put on your warm coat and winter footwear, and off you go!