The Healthy Pets Plan

 cat and dog looking at each other Healthy Pets Plan
At Stanhope Park Veterinary Hospital we are committed to being at the forefront of modern veterinary science, enabling our team of experienced vets and nurses to care for your beloved pet using the most up-to-date and effective treatments.
We understand the cost of your pet’s veterinary treatments can become expensive, so here at Stanhope Park Vets we aim to provide you with an opportunity to save money with our affordable preventative health care solution: The Healthy Pets Plan….

The plan is divided into 3 programmes: Essential Care; Premium Care; Ultimate Care. You choose the programme you are financially comfortable with and spread the cost over 12 months in easy fixed monthly instalments via a Direct Debit. Not only is the cost of your pet’s preventative healthcare spread evenly over the year, but you will also receive products and services at a discounted rate, saving you money!

The health plan covers the cost of treatments such as vaccinations, flea treatments, and worming treatments, including a 6-monthly health check for your dog or cat to help keep them in tip top condition. The plan also has discounts off certain products purchased at the practice as well as off neutering, blood tests and X-rays.

The chart below shows what is included in each affordable programme for cats and dogs:
Choose from 3 affordable packages that suits you best: Essential Care, Premium Care and Ultimate Care.

Why compromise your pet’s health? As a member of our Healthy Pets Plan, regular veterinary visits mean that we have the opportunity to administer vaccinations that your pet needs to be protected from life-threatening infections and disease. In addition to this, your pet will also receive the most effective worming and flea treatments. Your pet will also receive a full clinical examination, which is a great opportunity to carefully and regularly monitor your pet’s general health. We can then offer you advice, support and treatments that could prevent costly problems arising in the future.


We are proud to also be able to offer an Exotics Healthy Pets Plan for some of the other species commonly kept as pets. Health plans are available for Rabbits; Rodents; Ferrets; Lizards & Snakes; and Tortoises.

At Stanhope Park Vets, we understand that many exotic pet health problems can be the result of husbandry and housing problems. We have tailor-made our health plans for different species to help prevent unexpected bills for routine treatments, and so that your pet receives the best of care all year round.

Below are the current health plans we have available for exotic pets, and what is included in each plan. Our Rabbit Plan is divided into 3 programmes, similar to the cat and dog plans, with all 3 programmes including the new Nobivac Myxo-RHD PLUS vaccine to ensure optimum protection for your pet!

Rabbit HPP Oct 2018 Healthy Pets Plan
Rodent and Ferret HPP Oct 2018 Healthy Pets Plan
Reptile HPP Oct 2018

For further information, or to set up a Healthy Pets Plan for your pet, just call into one of our surgeries to complete a simple registration form. You will then be sent an email link to arrange a monthly direct debit for the plan you have chosen, and once completed we will be able to set up your pet’s individual health plan on our computer database!