Why You Should Neuter Your Cat…

kitten-943275_1920 Neuter

As well as preventing unwanted litters of kittens, there are also several health benefits in neutering cats….

With thousands of cats given up to rehoming centres or relinquished to the stray population every year in the UK, it is vital that pet cats are neutered to reduce these increasingly out-of-control statistics.

Did you know that a single unneutered female cat could be responsible for 20,000 descendants in 5 years??

Traditionally, cats were generally neutered at around 6 months of age, but it is now becoming common practice to neuter at the earlier age of 4 months old, when cats start to breed.

At Stanhope Park Veterinary Hospital, we are part of the Cats Protection Kitten Neutering Database (KiND), which means we promote early neutering of cats; our Practice Policy being to spay females, and to castrate males from 4 months of age. We are also actively involved in the neutering of feral cats as early as 2 months of age.

As well as preventing unwanted pregnancies, neutering also provides health benefits to our beloved purry friends. Spaying (removal of the ovaries and uterus), reduces the occurrence of mammary tumours as well as prevention of uterine infections such as pyometra. Castration (removal of the testes), prevents testicular cancer, and reduces territorial behaviour such as fighting which can cause painful abscesses as well as transmission of terminal illnesses such as FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus).

Unwanted behaviours such as wandering and urine spraying can be drastically reduced by neutering, as well as preventing females from wailing or “calling” whilst in heat (sexually mature females come into season every 3 weeks during the breeding season).

A common myth is that it is kinder to allow female cats to have a litter before neutering. There is no evidence to support this rationale, with the reality being that surgery is easier when performed at a younger age and kittens recover more quickly.

For more information on neutering cats or to arrange an appointment, please call our Cats and Exotics Clinic on 01325 620968.