Stanhope Road Hospital

Our flagship practice is based on Stanhope Road in Darlington and is an accredited hospital which can accommodate all types of major surgery. 

Stanhope Park Veterinary Hospital has been at the heart of the community for over 60 years. During this time we have thoroughly refurbished the building, turning it into a bright and modern clinical hospital which is home to many fantastic facilities. This enables our team to carry out any type of surgical operation, successful rehabilitation and all types of preventative treatments.

Our team consists of 9 vets, 11 RVNs, 3 SVNs, 3 Auxiliary nurses, 6 receptionists, and 2 office workers.

We are proud that our practice has achieved the prestigious status of Hospital, which is accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

Meeting such high standards requires a very stringent inspection. This looks at all aspects of the practice including hygiene, facilities, health and safety, laboratory facilities, equipment, emergency cover and staff training.

This means you can rest assured, knowing that your pet will be looked after with the highest standards of veterinary care.

Our aim is to rehabilitate your pet as quickly as possible, meaning you’ll have them home where they belong in no time.


Our Cats and Exotics Clinic is an extension of our hospital, allowing us to treat cats and more exotic patients in a dedicated stress-free environment. We have also achieved “Gold Standard” Cat Friendly Clinic status – the highest accolade awarded by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM), and we are currently the only one in County Durham!

More and more research has gone into feline medicine in recent years, meaning we understand more about their behaviour which has an impact on everyday feline veterinary care. Similar advances have also been made in small mammal medicine, particularly with regards to rabbits – which are the 3rd most popular pets in the UK.

While we have a preparation room and sterile theatre to enable us to perform most general surgeries as well as dental procedures, more complex surgical cases or patients requiring x-rays will be safely transferred to our Stanhope Road Hospital where we have our full range of facilities on hand. 

Sick or recovering patients that require hospitalisation for more intensive nursing care, will also be transported to our Stanhope Road Hospital – which is now an accredited Silver Cat Friendly Clinic – where an experienced nurse is present to provide care as required throughout their stay.

Ferrets will continue to be treated at the Stanhope Road surgery, as their natural predatory instincts can cause significant stress to our smaller furry patients. 

Of course cats and exotic patients will always be welcome at our Stanhope Road Hospital for those clients wishing to bring multiple pets at the same time, but we would encourage owners to take advantage of the new clinic wherever possible, as it is the well-being of your pets that is most important.