Cat & Exotic


We are the only clinic in County Durham to have achieved “Gold Standard” Cat Friendly Clinic status – the highest accolade awarded by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) and we understand the very different needs of our feline friends and always wanted to do something more to make their vet visits as stress free as possible.  

Cats just don’t feel safe in unfamiliar environments and become extra perceptive to unusual sounds, sights and smells which is why our Duke Street branch is dedicated completely to our cats and exotic friends. 

We are proud of the environment we have created and we’re proud of our dedicated feline staff, who ensure your cat remains calm and receives the best possible care. Since progressing from cat only clinics to a fully equipped cat hospital, we have seen a vast improvement in the stress levels of our patients, whether that be for routine boosters or surgery. 

Whilst many of our long-standing clients are happy to visit our Stanhope Road Hospital, we would always encourage our clients to take full advantage of the Duke Street facilities, knowing what a difference it can make to their pets’ wellbeing!


We are passionate about providing a high standard of care to ALL of our patients, and that includes our scaly, feathery, small furry and exotic friends.

Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rodents such as hamsters and rats, have been popular pets for many years, as well as avian birds such as parrots, budgies and cockatiels. 

In recent years we’ve seen more and more exotic species such as lizards, snakes and terrapins proving increasingly popular, which is why we now have specialist clinics, wards and treatments to look after their very specific needs. 

We are also very proud to achieve “Gold Grade” on the RWAF (Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund) list of Rabbit Friendly Vets – of which there are just a two more practices in the entire North-East region!

No matter big or small we are here for your exotic pal.