Microchipping your pet gives you peace of mind should they ever go missing

Join the 5,000 others that have their pet microchipped every single week and ensure that if your beloved pet goes missing, they can be returned to you quickly and safely.

In April 2016 it became a legal requirement that every dog in the UK is chipped and that the chip details are kept up to date by the owner or keeper of the dog.

The procedure is quick and painless, involving a chip (the size of a grain of rice) being inserted under the skin using a specialist device. Its biocompatible glass covering prevents it from being rejected from the body, and your pet’s tissue will grow around it to stop it from moving under the skin.

Your pet will be scanned using a specialist scanner which will detect the chip that holds a unique number. It is under this number that your contact details will be stored on a national database.

At Stanhope Park Veterinary Hospital we are now using the new Micro-ID mini-chip from Happy-Pet, which is the smallest microchip on the market and means a smaller needle is needed for implanting it.

Micro-ID mini-chips are specially designed to limit migration of the chips.

Please remember to update your address and phone number details when you change them. We have recently seen an increased number of microchipped strays, but are frustratingly unable to locate owners as their registered details were not up-to-date.

For more information on microchipping or to book an appointment with a member of our veterinary team, please call 01325 380111 or email Stanhope Park Veterinary Hospital at info@stanhope-vet.co.uk.