Pet Travel

Pet travel to Europe from 1 January 2021

If you plan to take your cat, dog or ferret to the EU (and this includes Northern Ireland!) from the 1st January 2021, then there are new health requirements you need to be aware of.

Your pet must:

  • WAIT 21 DAYS after the primary vaccination before travel.

Pets must be at least 12 weeks old at the time of their rabies vaccinations.

Instead of a Pet Passport, pets will need an Animal Health Certificate, which can be issued by certified vets (Official Veterinarians). In our practice these are Ana and Cecile. Health Certificates are valid for 10 days for entry into the EU and NI and 4 months for the return into the UK.

Pets that are travelling to Ireland, Northern Ireland, Malta, Finland or Norway will need to be treated against tapeworm 1-5 days before travel.

Pets returning to the UK from mainland Europe need to be treated against tapeworm 1-5 days before entering the UK as previously under the Pet Travel Scheme.

If you travel before the 1st January 2021 with a valid Pet Passport and plan to return in the new year, you can do that without any problem.

For further information please see the government website, or give us a call on 01328 380111 and ask to speak to Cecile or Ana.